Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Graffiti Vinyl

This is the story of graffiti told through the medium of album art. It tells the story of graffiti in all its styles and eras. The journey features most musical styles, with hip hop at the fore-front. So, it's time to put down your spray can and enjoy a late night tag-time story. The further adventures of graffiti ...

Once upon a time ...

... people liked to stare at the brickwork of old buildings when they were bored ...

Gil Scott Heron


... and then tags did take over the world ...


Trouble Funk

The Authentic

Jazz styles and soul boys

 ... as the 70s progressed jazz took to the abstract designs tagging and graffiti created. While the soul boys and funksters just wanted to make their mark ...

The Errol Parker Experience

Stanley Clarke

Fat Larry's Band


Monday, 17 January 2011


... rock, punk and new wave acts tipped their hats to the scruffier side of graffiti ...

The Rolling Stones

Catch A Wave

The Jam

The Ramones

Kings & pioneers

... graffiti art was being led by its kings and pioneers. Many had a little added fame courtesy of the humble album cover ...

Seen & the United Artists


Futura 2

Keith Haring


... as graffiti found fame, so films told the story ...

The Warriors

Wild Style


... while many a classic label fronted their releases with graffiti based design ...

Sugar Hill Records

Sleeping Bag Records

Street Sounds

Hip Hop - old school, classic graff stylings

... old school rap and hip hop went hand in hand with the first wave of classic graffiti art, album art design followed suit ...


Fat Boys

Grandmaster Flash



Steady B

Hound Dog

Schooly D

Rock Steady Crew



... electro also dished out some classic graffiti based album art ...

Time Zone

Paul Hardcastle/Universal Funk

Tyrone Brunson


... as did breakdance comps, with the artwork went the budget ...


Breakdance Fever

Break Dancing

Breaks & Beats

...the classic Ultimate Breaks & Beats series was the inspiration for this collection, while others breaks releases were happy to use graff based design too ...

Ultimate Breaks & Beats 19

Ultimate Breaks & Beats 14

Strictly Breaks 6

100mph Back Sliding Turkey Cuts


... hip hop labels used graffiti for their logos ...

B-Boy Records

New Needed


... car based graffiti and the iconic top-to-bottom spray were featured on more than one occasion ...


Stimulated label comp